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About NCMA series

NCMA welcomes research papers that contain original contributions on classical and non-classical models of automata and applications and related subjects. Many models of automata and grammar-like structures are the natural objects of theoretical computer science. They are studied from different points of view in various areas, both as theoretical concepts and as formal models for applications. 

 The aim of the workshops on "Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications" is to provide a forum for researchers who work on different aspects of classical and non-classical models of automata and grammars to exchange and develop novel ideas.

 In order to emphasize the workshop character of NCMA 2023, we also invite short contributions that report on recent results or ongoing work in addition to full papers. However, in contrast to the accepted regular (full) papers that will be published in the official proceedings, the accepted short papers will appear in a separate technical report.

The workshop series "Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications" started in Wrocław, Poland, in 2009. Since that the workshop takes place annually (but the pandemic time). The proceedings of the first 11 workshops have appeared as volumes in the series of the Austrian Computer Society. The proceedings of the 12th workshop was published as an EPTCS: Electronic Proceedings of Theoretical Computer Science volume. In addition, special issues of Fundamenta Informaticae or RAIRO – Theoretical Informatics and Applications were dedicated to each of them.

For any further information about NCMA series, please visit the central homepage.

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