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Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel

Both the NCMA2023 workshop and the CIAA2023 conference will be held in Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel. The official address of this hotel is: Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, FamagustaNorth Cyprus, Mersin 10, Turkey. We have some negotiated rooms in the Hotel and it is advised for most of the participants to stay in this hotel, click here for booking

Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel is located on land surrounded by unspoiled nature, clear blue sea and fresh air alongside the famous Salamis' beach covered with fine golden sand. You can catch chance to take pleasure in watching the famous caretta turtles while sunbathing on the beach, and also swimming together with them will provide additional memorable moments to your visit to North Cyprus.

The Ruins of The Ancient City of Salamis

The ruins of the ancient city of Salamis, that are one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the island, are located close to the hotel. Salamis was an important city during the early Christian period. St. Paul visited it and preached here during his visit to the island on his first journey. One of the most significant figures of early Christianity, St.Barnabas, was born in Salamis. 

St Barnabas' Monastery and Icon Museum

The church and Monastery dedicated to St. Barnabas was built on the site of the necropolis of Salamis and is one of the most important religious buildings on the island. The small church which was constructed over the ancient tomb where St. Barnabas's body was found under the ground is approximately 100 metres to the east of the monastery. The St. Barnabas monastery is turned nowadays into an archaeological museum and the church into an icon museum. 

The City of Famagusta

The city of Famagusta is one of the finest examples of mediaeval architecture in the eastern Mediterranean and, in its present state of preservation. Some historians declare that it was founded by King Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt in 285 B.C. One full day spent in Famagusta will reveal the history of whole island in a nutshell. 

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