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Accepted papers


After a rigorous evaluation by PC members, the following papers have been accepted for presentation and for inclusion in the EPTCS proceedings:

  • Eric Andersson, Johanna Björklund, Frank Drewes and Anna Jonsson. Generating Semantic Graph Corpora with Graph Expansion Grammar

  • Martin Berglund and Brink Van Der Merwe. Formalizing BPE Tokenization

  • Omer Egecioglu and Benedek Nagy. On Languages Generated by Signed Grammars

  • Tomáš Kožár, Zbyněk Křivka and Alexander Meduna. Final Sentential Forms

  • Martin Kutrib and Uwe Meyer. Deterministic Real-Time Tree-Walking-Storage Automata

  • Carlo Mereghetti, Beatrice Palano and Priscilla Raucci. Latvian Quantum Finite State Automata for Unary Languages

  • Richard Mörbitz. Constituency Parsing as an Instance of the M-monoid Parsing Problem

  • Giovanni Pighizzini and Luca Prigioniero. Forgetting 1-Limited Automata

  • Maria Radionova and Alexander Okhotin. Sweeping permutation automata

  • Bianca Truthe. Merging two Hierarchies of Internal Contextual Grammars with Subregular Selection

  • Brink Van der Merwe. Ordered Context-Free Grammars Revisited

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